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October, 2009
There has been much talk about inflation lately, and gold is on the rise as a result. What are your thoughts on gold?

I have been optimistic in gold.  With money being printed all over the world, currencies will lose its intrinsic value and gold will become a better store of value.  Currency plays are always relative.  For example, while the dollar weakens against the yen and the renminbi, it could strengthen against the euro and the pound.  So at the end, is the dollar weakening or strengthening?  Also if we print trillions of dollars into our economy, it does not translate into an automatic devaluation because other countries may be printing too.   Everything is relative in the currency world. 

A way to look at gold is to imagine that there is the Gold country in which the currency is the gold bullion.  While the rest of the world is in crisis, the Gold country does not face any credit or economic problems.  Similarly, it did not experience the growth prior to the crisis that the rest of the world was enjoying.  Additionally, while the US keeps printing the dollar, Japan the yen, Britain the pound, etc., Gold country cannot simply print the gold bullion as the supply is limited to whatever is underneath the ground.  Thus, at the end, the gold bullion will be scarcer relative to other currencies and becomes a better store of value for investors.